Dig Deeper (ask the characters)
  • 1: Something you’ve had constant nightmares about? In vivid detail?
  • 2: Something you’ve started to realize about yourself?
  • 3: A quote that sums you up as a whole?
  • 4: A quote that reminds you of ____?
  • 5: A song that brings you to tears?
  • 6: Most physical pain you’ve had to endure?
  • 7: Most mental pain you’ve had to endure?
  • 8: Do you consider yourself an open individual?
  • 9: If there is someone you want right now, if you could tell them so, would you?
  • 10: Someone who makes you happy effortlessly?
  • 11: Something that hurts you to think about?
  • 12: Defense mechanisms? Do you have any?
  • 13: A song that describes all that you’ve had to go through with ___?
  • 14: A love song that gives you hope?
  • 15: Happiest memory?
  • 16: Ever been friends with someone you never knew the name of?
  • 17: Thoughts on death.
  • 18: Thoughts on life.
  • 19: Thoughts on affection/intimacy.
  • 20: You like to avoid… (finish sentence)
  • 21: A time when you felt the most needed?
  • 22. A time when you felt the most yourself?
  • 23: Something you will always regret?
  • 24: Bad habits?
  • 25: A recurring dream you’d had?
  • 26: Share a journal entry.
  • 27: Share a picture from your personal photo album.


I want to take a girl to Santa Cruz and kiss her like this tbh

Same Danny same
If I’m your tumblr crush send me a “hey fuck face”

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Just livin under Palm trees.
I love you luna.
99 problems, getting pregnant ain’t 1
- All the gays (via thebeachthing)


how does this have so many notes..❤️