Oh this is too beautiful.Β 

I want this so much.

What I want and what I need 😍

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Wow you're insane! I'm going to be a senior in August and I'm terrified of applying to college and paying for it. Especially when I want to go to east coast for school, the out of state tuition will be a big problem for me. Thank you so much for your answers!

Aww it’s okay! I was terrified and freaked out and didn’t know what to do either!
And yes, I agree, the east coast weather and overpriced everything kept me from going to school there as well… πŸ˜‚
Good luck to you! You’re welcome to ask me anything you want! 😊

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What are your tests scores? Did you take AP or IB?

My scores were definitely not enough for Ivy League schools…
For SAT I had a 800 in math 760 in writing and I do not want to mention reading hahaha it’s too bad
But I did better on the ACT so I sent in that.
And my hs only offers APs so I took like 7 APs and a couple college classes that’s it…
ACTIVITIES, PS and RECOMMENDATION LETTERS are actually more important in college application tbh, find more fun and interesting things to do, it will change your life in so many different ways!

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You got in Cornell? Wow dude that's crazy! What other top 20 schools did you get in?

Top 20 as in US news ranking?
The best one is probs U Chicago then (got off the wait list)… I still kinda feel bad not going there, and Cornell, Vandy, Emory and Cal!

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Did you apply for any Ivy League schools? And which one did you get in?

I did Harvard, U Penn and Cornell
Got wait listed by Harvard and got in Cornell but I’m attending UC Berkeley in the fall

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Hey, I was just thinking about you.
- best messages to get (via micachimba)

What I want in a relationship;


β€’ hand holding (in public as well would be nice)
β€’ long hugs
β€’ butt touches
β€’ kissing (lots of that)
β€’ phone calls and texting
β€’ butt touches (I mentioned that but it’s important)
β€’ long and stupid rambles
β€’ sharing feelings (oh gosh what am I?)
β€’ snuggles and spooning
β€’ watch horror films together
β€’ to feel wanted, loved and appreciated

No horror films no
All comedies and lovey dovey stories
No horror no